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Ratcliffe Hits Back on Cybercrime with New Bill

Washington, DC, September 30, 2015

WASHINGTON DC –On Wednesday, two congressional committees approved legislation introduced by U.S. Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-TX) to combat cybercrime. H.R. 3940 or the Strengthening State and Local Cyber Crime Fighting Act,  authorizes the National Computer Forensics Institute (NCFI) under the United States Secret Service in order to train state and local law enforcement officers, prosecutors, and judges on how to investigate cyber and electronic crimes, conduct computer and mobile device forensic examinations, and respond to network intrusion investigations.

“The threats facing state and local law enforcement are ever changing. Cyber criminals use technology to commit crimes of almost any type. Our men and women in law enforcement are working in an extremely challenging environment, and it is imperative that we equip them to address these challenges in an effort to protect the most vulnerable from being exploited,” said Ratcliffe.

Since its creation, the NCFI has trained and equipped more than 4,590 officials from all 50 states. These NCFI graduates represent more than 1,500 agencies nationwide who are now empowered to hit back on cybercrime, including organizations in Collin County, Hunt Count and the Greenville Police Department. By authorizing the NCFI in federal law, this bill ensures proper oversight and accountability to enable NCFI to remain the nation’s premier cybercrime training center.

Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee Bob Goodlatte applauded Rep. Ratcliffe’s bill, “In order to protect Americans from cyber criminals, the Strengthening State and Local Cyber Crime Fighting Act enables technology experts at the Secret Service to train local law enforcement, prosecutors, and judges on how to combat cyber-crime in their own cities and states. I am pleased the House Judiciary Committee overwhelmingly approved this bill today and urge the House to take it up immediately.” 

“H.R. 3490, the Strengthening State and Local Cyber Crime Fighting Act of 2015, is a much-needed bill that will help law enforcement fight back against increasingly sophisticated cybercrimes. I’m grateful that it was passed and am hopeful for its consideration on the floor of the U.S. House,” Ratcliffe added.