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Rep. John Ratcliffe statement on House passage of FISA reauthorization

Washington, DC, January 11, 2018

Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-Texas) issued the following statement on the House passage of S. 139 to reauthorize the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA):

“As a former federal prosecutor who used foreign intelligence surveillance to bring terrorists to justice, I’m grateful we were able to renew this critical law enforcement tool for six more years. While this bill contains some changes I did not feel were necessary, I recognize that it’s the culmination of an extensive and transparent legislative process that included input from legislators all across the political spectrum and from the White House and Executive Branch alike. The tools we just reauthorized are critical for the safety of our homeland. They have successfully stopped terrorists like Hajji Iman and thwarted planned attacks like the 2009 attempted New York City Subway bombing. I urge my Senate colleagues not to play politics with national security and to send this bill to the president’s desk as quickly as possible.”