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Rep. Ratcliffe calls for Trump administration to prioritize law enforcement safety

Advocates for immediately reversing President Obama’s actions limiting access to life-saving equipment

Washington, DC, January 19, 2017

Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-Texas) formally called on President-elect Trump to prioritize law enforcement safety a week ahead of the inauguration. Specifically, he advocated for the reversal of President Obama’s January 2015 executive actions that restricted access to the “1033 Program,” which provides surplus defense equipment to state and local law enforcement.

“State and local law enforcement officers from all over Texas’ 4th District and across the country were rightfully outraged at President Obama’s actions to limit their access to live-saving defense equipment. This politically motivated move has dangerous and potentially lethal implications for our men and women in blue who place their lives on the line each day to protect our communities,” Ratcliffe said.

“I’m glad that President-elect Trump has already made it clear he’s committed to ensuring our police are properly equipped to safely do their jobs, and I've already spoken to his team about taking swift action to restore access to the "1033 program" as a first step in fulfilling this important responsibility. With the enormous sacrifices our nation’s law enforcement officers make on our behalf, we owe them nothing less than the very best protective equipment we can offer.”

Last March, Ratcliffe introduced the Protecting Lives Using Surplus (PLUS) Equipment Act of 2016 (H.R. 4880), which also aimed to stop President Obama’s unilateral changes to the “1033 Program.” The measure was endorsed by the National Fraternal Order of Police, the National Sheriffs Association, the Major County Sheriffs’ Association and the National Association of Police Organizations. Ratcliffe reintroduced the bill (H.R. 426) this month at the start of the new Congress.