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Congressman John Ratcliffe

Representing the 4th District of Texas

Congressmen Ratcliffe, Jordan, Palmer, Brat, and Loudermilk Host Conservative Panel

January 13, 2015

New Republicans Take Aim at Familiar Target: Establishment GOP

Texas Republican John Ratcliffe, who successfully unseated 34-year-Republican-incumbent Ralph Hall in a primary challenge, said the reason he was in Congress was a “discontent with the status quo” — a frustration with Republicans and Democrats.

“I don’t have this opportunity because people have fallen back in love with Republicans,” Ratcliffe said. “Out there in my district, people feel like the Republican Party has been focused too much on the top 1 percent.”

Before Ratcliffe and the other freshmen took the stage, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, spoke, followed by Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, who delivered an extemporaneous speech about “crony capitalism,” fighting the renewal of the Export-Import Bank and making sure that cutting corporate tax rates was not the first thing Republicans in Congress accomplished. Ratcliffe associated himself with Jordan’s remarks.

“The next two years is an audition for the Republican Party — my party,” Ratcliffe said.