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Congressman John Ratcliffe

Representing the 4th District of Texas

Chairman Ratcliffe identifies effective cyber threat information sharing practices

November 16, 2017
Press Release

WASHINGTON – Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-Texas) chaired a House Homeland Security Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Committee hearing this week that shed light on effective cyber threat information sharing practices needed to bolster America’s national security.

The hearing confirmed that DHS’ info sharing programs are providing value and continue to grow in adoption and sophistication, sustained oversight and incremental improvements are necessary to ensure the potential value of this sharing is maximized.

“If we’re going to have any chance of keeping up with the rapidly increasing cyber threats we face on a daily basis, it’s absolutely critical that the public and private sectors are sharing cyber threat indicators in the most efficient way possible,” Ratcliffe said.

“With an actual reach of more than 10,000 organizations, it’s clear that AIS (the Automated Indicator Sharing program) is an extremely powerful tool when we put it to work the right way. That’s why we must continue working to ensure we are leveraging it to its full potential.”

The witnesses included key private sector cybersecurity experts from a variety of fields, including banking and telecommunications, who have actively participated in information sharing programs.

“(AIS) would be more effective for more mature organizations in the broader critical infrastructure community if it offered three key things: timelier indicator sharing, richer context around indicator information and continual improvements to the program to ensure quality information,” said the Vice President of Cyber Intel & Incident Response for American Express, Ann Barron-Dicamillo,

Patricia Cagliostro, Federal Solutions Architect Manager for Anomali, went further, adding that organizations must keep in mind the state of threat intelligence.

“Organizations in both the public and private sector need tools to manage and integrate the overwhelming amount of threat intelligence before they’re ready to share. When they are ready to share, trust and ease of use are critical for success,” she said.

Click here for the full list of witnesses and their written testimony.